America Is Becoming a Society of Conformity

The awful thing about the society we’re becoming is all the conformity. Conformity is the opposite extreme of individualism and independence, two defining traits of historical America. Conformity is for the benefit of the state — i.e., for the cultural as well as for the governmental “powers-that-be.” It’s easier for THEM that we all think and act alike. COVID vaccination experimental treatments are a classic example. They want to be able to say, “Look at us, we got 100 percent (or 85 percent) of the population vaccinated. Everyone is safe, thanks to us.” It’s all about THEM. IT’s not about you, I or “everyone.” It’s only about THEM.

Individual minds, individual choices or unique circumstances are not only irrelevant; those factors are the enemy. Americans don’t get this. Unless you’re an American and you came here from a statist society, you don’t get it. Not unless you take the time to think about it, and understand, which most either will not or cannot do. Through conformity and blind obedience — right now, on one major issue, the vaccine — we’re being led down the path to do it again, again and again. I still believe the biggest example that will come is imposition of the Green Religion on society. If they can get us to take these vaccines, they can get us (85-100 percent of us) to do ANYTHING. Mandated veganism (or other mandated diet), going without heat/ac/electricity, going without gas or fuel … I can’t predict what form it will take, but the relevant psychology and ideology will be exactly the same. Socialism (being passed in Congress as we speak) will generate the necessary shortages to rationalize the controls. It’s happening right out in the open. Right in plain daylight. I’m not sure even George Orwell anticipated anything this grotesque.



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