Can You Really Be Friends With People Who Support What’s Going On in America?

Being a therapist for 35 years, I understand denial. I understand the need for the human mind to integrate radically new and difficult information. It hasn’t dawned on most people yet that our government–consisting primarily of DemComs and RINOs–is accountable to NOBODY. That includes the media, who will not question or challenge anything they do. Perhaps when all the people who oppose what’s happening realize it’s not going to stop, and that it’s only going to get worse, we’ll finally start to see some resistance worthy of the name.

Some advice for self-reflection, not just for right now but in the difficult weeks and months that are coming: Consider editing advocates of Communism, fascism, intolerant leftism, “wokeism” — all of the insanity taking over our culture and our daily lives — from your life. I am not talking about business associates or customers. I am talking about personal life. Why should you spend any time with people who want your liberty, your reason, your independence and your prosperity destroyed? Isn’t something deeply and irreparably wrong with such people? If so, what does it do to your morale, your self-respect, and your very soul to spend time with them?

These are, after all, people who want you censored, segregated, shunned and perhaps (before much longer) even worse. We are not talking about people who can be reasoned with. Remember: If they still support Biden, his regime, and just everything else that’s going on, then they are supporting the people and movements literally committed to your destruction, and the annihilation of all that you value. Is their company really preferable to the company of a good pet, a fine book or movie, a lovely view of natural beauty, and perhaps decent, rational, freedom-loving and truly life-loving people you have yet to meet?



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