What Makes Vitriolic, Hateful Leftists Tick?

I constantly hear stories of people getting harassed or threatened for still supporting Trump or even Republicans. For example, I recently heard of two incidents where people with Trump bumperstickers or MAGA hats were told, “I hope you die of COVID.” Yet I never hear the opposite. How many Republicans tell Biden voters they hope they die of COVID? Which leads me to ask: Are leftists/collectivists/DemCom Bidenistas inherently mentally abusive people? Isn’t this behavior verbal abuse, at the minimum? Of course it is. What fuels such hatred? Leftists are getting everything they want. Absolutely everything, with more horrors daily. They consider the horrors good things. How far will they go in their nastiness, vitriol and hatred? Will they ever be satisfied? Or maybe they are like heroin addicts…only their drug of choice is not heroin, but a relentless stream of toxic idiocy culminating in the annihilation of us all.

During Trump’s presidency, PsychologyToday and other blogs relentlessly asked what made Trump supporters tick. 100 percent of the articles took it for granted that all Trump supporters are racist, misogynistic, stingy, etc. Yet nothing — absolutely nothing — can be found anywhere on the questions I am now asking. Where does all the hate come from? Psychology 101 will tell you: Hate usually comes from ANXIETY. Ayn Rand wrote in the 1960s of metaphysical terror within the college radicals “stamping their feet at objective reality.” Are leftists metaphysically terrified? Are they terrified of reality itself? Which would explain why a truth-teller and B.S.-identifier like Donald Trump is vilified by them like nobody ever before. He — and we — have got them all figured out.



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