Social Credit Scores: Will the Biden Regime Impose Them?

Prediction: Soon, our federal regime will propose legislation, or perhaps issue an executive order, to quantify and identify the “social credit” or “trustworthiness” of a person from the government’s point-of-view. I guarantee it’s coming. As with vaccination mandates and government access to your private bank accounts–what’s to stop them? Chief Justice John Roberts?

Here’s how the social credit system works in Communist China, according to Communist-friendly Wikipedia:

The social credit initiative calls for the establishment of a unified record system so that businesses, individuals and government institutions can be tracked and evaluated for trustworthiness. Initial reports suggested that the system utilized a numerical score as the reward and punishment mechanism; recent reports suggest there are in fact multiple, different forms of the social credit system being experimented with. A numerical system has been implemented only in several regional pilot programs, while the nationwide regulatory method has been based primarily on blacklisting and whitelisting. The credit system is closely related to China’s mass surveillance systems such as Skynet, which incorporates facial recognition, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

The Social Credit System is an extension to the existing financial credit rating system in China. The origin of the system can be traced back to the 1980s when the Chinese government attempted to develop a personal banking and financial credit rating system, especially for rural individuals and small businesses that lack documented records. The Chinese government aims to enhance trust in the society with the system and regulate businesses regarding issues such as food safety, intellectual property theft, and financial fraud.

Supporters claim that the system helps to regulate social behavior, improve the “trustworthiness” of citizens (which includes paying taxes and bills on time), and promote traditional moral values. [TRANSLATION: Conformity and adherence to the State.] Critics of the system claim that it oversteps the rule of law and infringes the legal rights of residents and organizations, especially the right to reputation, the right to privacy as well as personal dignity, and that the system may be a tool for comprehensive government surveillance and for suppression of dissent from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). [TRANSLATION: That’s exactly what it is. And it will be part of the mandatory federal vaccine passport in America.]


Anti-Biden chants are growing in intensity and frequency at sports games. So which government agency will be employed, as OSHA was for vaccine mandates, in shutting down the games and silencing the chants against our nasty old dictator? If you don’t think they will try, you haven’t been paying attention to anything for the last year and a half.

56 percent of Americans reportedly don’t like the direction of the country under Biden. Only 56 percent, you might ask? That’s beyond disturbing.

Usually, a dictator generates fear, and even a resentful, odd respect. America’s dictator is an unpopular fool. As Ben Franklin would have said: he’s a blockhead. Biden’s cackling understudy would be even worse. So how in the world do they think they can pull this off?



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