“Follow the Science” Means: “Follow My Commands”

“Follow the science.”

“OK. What does the science say?”

“Vaccines and boosters forever. Masks forever. Whatever else the government scientists say.”

“But some scientists say otherwise.”

“Don’t listen to them. Google, Facebook and Twitter have blocked them. The people who run those companies are very, very smart. Only listen to the scientists they endorse. And the White House guides them.”

“But how is that science? Isn’t that authority? Authority isn’t science. Science refers to facts, logic, reason and proof. If one scientist says the science is settled, and another scientist says here’s a fact or an outcome you didn’t consider, then doesn’t science consist of considering those claims? Scientists discuss among themselves. Thinking people can follow or reject their reasoning. That’s how we get to objective knowledge, isn’t it?”

“That’s none of your concern. The doctors at the CDC, at WHO and in the White House will tell you what’s worth considering and not considering.”

“But isn’t that for science to decide? And for my own investigation to decide, in that case, since masks and vaccinations affect my body? Aren’t I free to choose?”

“You are not free to harm others. If you don’t do as you’re told, you will harm others. That makes you bad and, potentially, a criminal.”

“But what about doctors? Some doctors disagree with some of what the doctors in the federal government are saying. My own doctor knows my own body, and my own medical situation, better than doctors at CDC and WHO speaking for everyone-in-general.”

“The doctors at CDC and WHO are superior. They are higher in rank. You must follow what they say. Your doctor will follow them, unless he or she is a bad doctor.”

“That doesn’t sound like science to me. That sounds more like the military.”

“It’s a war. Fighting this virus is a war. Until we have 100 percent victory, nobody can rest. It’s the new normal.”

“But viruses have always been with us. Nobody has yet found an absolute cure for any virus. If we can’t do anything until a particular virus is defeated, doesn’t that make us all slaves under a dictatorship for the rest of our lives?”

“That’s not your concern. The ONLY concern is eradicating the virus. The CDC and White House are in charge of this effort. We must obey them in order to defeat the virus. This is no time for thinking or independence.”

“And what about money? The companies making these vaccines and treatments are making billions. I don’t expect anyone to do anything for free. I’m fine with free market prices. But these companies are selling a product that the government is forcing everyone to take. Isn’t that an unfair advantage for the profit-making company? Isn’t that a breeding ground for corruption?”

“That’s not your concern.”

“And most doctors get most of their income from Medicare and Medicaid, programs run by the government. They might be afraid to speak up about differing opinions from the CDC or the White House on treatments for COVID, vaccinations and the like, because doing so could cut off their income stream. Isn’t that a concern for bias?”

“That’s not your concern. If you oppose Medicare and Medicaid, you are immoral, and possibly even a crimnial. Discussion closed.”


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