Propaganda Wins for Leftists

The war for propaganda is crucial in the establishment and maintenance of any dictatorship. The Biden regime scored two huge victories this week. One, the crushing victory (inflated by fraud, or not) of the juvenile Communist-fascist Governor of California. The second is the pitifully low turnout at the D.C. march held in support of the Americans held by Biden without any regard for due process, simply for having been present at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Government-supporting media will spin both of these events as proof that virtually nobody opposes what’s happening in the USA other than a depraved, insane minority. If you happen to oppose what’s happening in our country, it might be wise to speak out, resist and/or take action, where you can, to oppose life under the totalitarian regime now being integrated into our present way of life, right before our eyes.



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