President Miserable

In a free country, the government matters — but only so much. The President, in a free republic, would matter for foreign affairs/defense, foreign trade, and the borders. Now that our federal government has overtaken nearly every aspect of daily life — finances, health care, policing, medical care, small business funding and operations, every aspect of schooling.– with no end in sight, the federal government and the President matter much more than they should.

Your life and livelihood could turn, in an instant, on the whim of this unelectable, unelected and thoroughly rotten-to-the-core parasitical figurehead. How unjust is that? What are your own thoughts about what to do about it? How are your children and grandchildren to survive under the kind of regime now set in motion? Because in the new “United States,” you really don’t have the luxury of ignoring politics. Government is everywhere you turn, and it’s only going to get worse, on the present course.



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