THIS is What a Totally Unaccountable Government Looks Like

What does a completely unaccountable government — President, Vice President, military, all members of the One ruling Party — look like? You’re looking at it. You are living in it. It’s not Communist China. It’s America, and it’s exactly the same as Communist China, in practice if not (yet) in theory. Generals can help our most vicious enemies like the Taliban and ISIS win, sacrificing the lives of our soldiers — FOR THE SAKE OF OUR ENEMIES. Yet those generals will not be fired; not even criticized. Presidents can be financially beholden to an enemy country’s totalitarian government — and it doesn’t matter.

The people in office know that they, or at least their Party, are not going anywhere. That’s why they can brazenly ignore the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and do whatever the hell they feel like whenever they feel like it. They are spending us into an oblivion of debt; chaining us to our homes with on and off lockdowns; jabbing us with untried vaccines against our will; overrunning our borders in violation of every known immigration law (shutting down the camera drones of the one network who will film it); and (once the latest bill passes) peering into our finances any time they wish. They’ll ensure no court will ever stop it all by stacking that Court with members sympathetic to their views — even though a majority on the highest court (perhaps blackmailed, paid off or both) already seem to fit that criteria. THIS is what it looks like in a country where the governing elites have no accountability whatsoever.



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