If Newsom Prevails … Watch Out, California Dissidents & Patriots!

California residents, beware: If Newsom prevails today, there will be retribution. He’s a classic Communist/fascist dictator. We know this from how he used his arbitrary powers (pre-recall effort) to lock down and open up, showing favoritism to some counties and cities over others based upon political loyalty. If Larry Elder pulls this off (I don’t see how he can with mail-in voting), then heaven help him, his family and his loved ones.

Governor Elder would be up against unbelievably evil and dishonest people in the heart of the lion’s den. He’s so courageous even to take this on. But if the recall doesn’t succeed, Newsom will be more brutal and empowered than ever. Kind of like striking the rattlesnake, missing and then letting the rattlesnake loose. And, of course, he will have his eyes on the presidency of the national dictatorship (formerly the American republic) being firmly established through Biden by Obama, Soros, Zuckerberg, Jobs’ widow and all the others.



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