George W. Bush: Shows RINOs are the Lowest of the Low

Bush, McCain, Romney: I demand a REFUND on all 3 votes for President. What trash. Trump spoiled us for the real thing, didn’t he?

Lefties are swooning over G.W. Bush calling Trump supporters terrorists on 9/11. They call it “courageous” of Bush. Sure! Serving two terms as President and mostly doing the opposite of what he said he would do. Then, when Trump comes along and actually DOES the things Bush and other RINOs always claimed they wanted to do, they call Trump and the people who support him for doing so terrorists. That’s “courage”, according to the depraved people on the Communist fascist left whom Bush now applauds. Sick. Is it possible to impeach that intellectually and morally hollow twit retroactively, as Congress did with Trump?



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