Biden’s Blame of the Unvaccinated is Logically Self-Refuting

Biden says the people who won’t get vaccinated are making it harder on everybody. This isn’t possible, even on its own terms. The vaccine is — according to Biden — helpful. So if you DID get the vaccination, you’re safe from the unvaccinated. According to Biden’s assumptions, the unvaccinated are only hurting themselves. So why does he care? Because (1) Biden is a tyrant, and tyrants want power; and (2) Politicians erroneously see it as their responsibility to eradicate the virus. They cannot envision a world where people make up their own minds and leave others alone to do the same. They are too narcissistic and sociopathic to grasp that others don’t need them, and that they, the politicians, cannot solve all the world’s crises.

Really, it’s this idea of individual liberty and independence that the Bidens of the world seem most frightened of; not the virus itself. These health fascists loathe freedom and personal choice more than they ever could care about anyone’s health.



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