9/11: Twenty Years Later, America is Under Attack by Our Own Government

It seems counterintuitive to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Take a deep breath, and hear me out. The whole idea of “Never Again” was to preserve freedom, partly as a tribute to the innocent people who died that day.

But we didn’t preserve our freedom — neither for ourselves, nor in their memory.

Twenty years later, we not only squandered 20 years of military efforts, injuries and deaths in Afghanistan by willfully turning over that embattled country to the terrorists who helped orchestrate 9/11. We’re turning our own country into a totalitarian, Orwellian nightmare, forcibly pushing experimental vaccines onto people, and violating individual and property rights in a way that might make Stalin or Hitler blush. Granted, millions of us do not support anything that’s going on. But regardless of who’s to blame, the fact remains: We are not a free country. Whatever terrorists might do to us going forward, it’s not possible for us to lose our freedom after we already let it go ourselves.

Can you honestly take it seriously when anyone says, “We must never forget 9/11 and how important our freedoms are”? How are we supposed to do so when the present regime in our Imperial City is taking a wrecking ball every bit as decisive and destructive to our freedoms as those terrorists were to the Twin Towers twenty years ago?



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