Biden’s Dictatorship: Creepy, But No Longer Creeping

If Trump were President and ordered Americans to get the vax, would Democrats obey?

“Joe Biden’s six-prong plan to fight COVID-19 will include vaccine and mask requirements, a White House official told Fox News Thursday.

The White House has teased all week that the president will detail his six-prong plan to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, as cases rise in many parts of the country because of the more contagious delta variant. Those prongs will be vaccine requirements; booster shots; keeping schools open; increasing testing and requiring masks; economic recovery; and improving patient care.

The initial list of the president’s plan is very light on details. It is not clear, for example, exactly who the president is going to call on to require masks – states, local governments, businesses, some combination of the three, or something entirely different.”

Of course the plan is light on details. It’s because it’s designed to intimidate. Not to inform, educate, protect health or anything else … just to intimidate. Leaving aside that Biden is demented and doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time, this is what authoritarians and dictators do: They yell, they scream, they demand. There’s no internal logic to what they say. There’s no rational context for it. It’s just verbal masturbation — in public, before the whole world, in this case, because the American presidency still matters (though it won’t for much longer).

This is the time to TUNE OUT. Just stop listening. Think of Joe Biden as a baby in a high chair screaming, spitting out his food and throwing a tantrum. He doesn’t matter. Your life, and your freedom, do.

YOUR body. HIS choice. Seriously? This despotic goofball gets to decide if you take the shot, or not? It’s the private sector now too. If he can do this now, the precedent will be established for the government to do pretty much ANYTHING IT WANTS to your body. So even if you want this vaccine and think these unconstitutional mandates are therefore ok, you had better think again.

The biggest issue isn’t what Biden is doing with vax mandates. Those were expected. The biggest issue is that he can’t be held accountable for anything he does. With our electoral system rigged, he and his party–despite 39 percent approval in polls already biased in their favor–know they aren’t going anywhere. Biden isn’t acting like an unpopular President in fear of losing control. He’s acting like a dictator seeking to expand and reinforce control, as quickly as possible. He’s doing it relentlessly, without stopping for air. This is how dictatorships gain their hold. If you think there’s hope for reversals in 2022 or 2024, you are living in a state of denial. Even if we could get an honest election–how?–you won’t recognize this country by the fall of 2022. An unaccountable government that KNOWS it’s unaccountable is capable of absolutely anything. You haven’t seen anything yet from these totalitarians. Not just Biden, but all of them.

Biden: “If they’ll not help, if these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way.” Wow. He has discovered his inner Mussolini.

Biden has literally declared war on the Governors of states who are still trying to uphold the Bill of Rights. He has also declared war on the unvaccinated and others who choose to disagree with him on anything. Maybe it’s time for these states, and other localities, to reconsider the level of abuse they plan to take from Biden’s utterly lawless and unconstitutional regime.

If you have no choices, you are not free.



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