Your Body, Your Choice — Only When the Tyrants Say So

Biden condemns the Texas abortion law.

So let me get this straight. You are sovereign over your own body. Therefore, if you are pregnant, you are allowed to terminate your pregnancy. Body sovereignty trumps the fetus. Similarly, you’re allowed to put marijuana into your body, and you’re allowed to do with your genitals whatever you wish — with other consenting adults. Once again, your sovereignty over your body trumps any other consideration, or the views of others.

Yet when it comes to a vaccine, YOU MAY NOT EXERCISE THIS OPTION. You may not even challenge the idea of this vaccine on social media. It’s an unspeakable crime and, on our present course, will soon be a literal criminal offense. No body sovereignty when it comes to vaccinations. Unlimited body sovereignty when it comes to abortion, sex and pot smoking.

Got it?



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