After COVID Fascism, What’s to Stop Forced Abortions in America?

In Communist countries, the government does not merely permit abortions; the government will often mandate abortions. For example, Communist China’s one-child policies over the years. What, in principle, is to stop that from happening in the United States? At present, the government says it may mandate experimental treatments known as vaccinations for COVID-19. It says it may do so in the name of public health. What’s the objective definition of “public health”? Whatever the lead government doctor says it is. Contrary evidence or arguments are openly censored, not just by Facebook and Twitter, but proudly and defiantly by the Biden White House (and the millions of Americans who applaud them.) In other words, the medical determinations are made politically, not by any rational or objective standards.

Ditto for mask mandates. That’s why in the first week of March 2020 masks were considered medically undesirable, while by the third week of March 2020 (and ever since) masks were considered not only desirable but mandatory. IT’S NOT MEDICINE; IT’S POLITICS. On the exact same principle and premise, what’s to stop the government from saying, “Public health demands fewer births in a particular city or state.” The emperor Biden or Harris will issue an executive order demanding “x” number of births. Whatever it takes in the name of public health, right?

Leftists used to claim the mantra, “My Body, My Choice”. The actual truth of their attitude is, “Your Body, OUR Choice.” They did it with COVID drugs. They did it with masks. They got away with it, and they’re getting away with it every day. I see no reason why they will stop here. Do you? Who will stop them, and how?




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