American Marxism: Eviction Moratoriums

Owning property is no picnic. Ask anyone who owns property and must deal with tenants, laws, rules, regulations and — in many cases — the responsibility of ownership without the benefits.

Then add on the insanity of “eviction moratoriums” — because of an outbreak of the flu that the government decided was the greatest catastrophe since World War II … no, in fact, much greater. COVID is the greatest catastrophe in all of human history, based on how it’s being treated.

The reason the advocates of capitalism, conservatism, Trumpism, Republican-ism and the Bill of Rights are ALWAYS LOSING can be found in the case provided AGAINST eviction moratoriums. Their arguments are losing arguments. That’s why they keep losing.

Opponents of eviction moratoriums say things like, “Well, the CDC can’t do eviction moratoriums.” So what’s the implication? That the rest of the government CAN? Joe Biden took care of that. After admitting he had no legal authority to do so, he simply issued an edict that the government may — indefinitely — impose eviction moratoriums whenever or wherever it wishes. Mayor de Blasio of New York City also does whatever he wants, whenever he feels like it, to private property owners. Problem solved.

While it’s true that the CDC does NOT have the moral or legal authority (in a free country, with private property rights) to mandate eviction moratoriums, it’s also true that nobody else has the moral or legal authority, either. We’re talking about PRIVATE PROPERTY. The property does not belong to the CDC, to Joe Biden, or to some Communist or paid-off sociopath in Congress. The property, morally and legally, belongs to THE PROPERTY OWNER.

Think of a different issue, argued with the same faulty thinking. We wouldn’t say, “Well, we can have concentration camps for unvaccinated critics of the Biden regime, so long as those camps are run by the Department of Health and Human Services, and not by the Pentagon.” Actually, I think many Republicans and conservatives would make such an argument, once such a monstrous idea was put on the table. Remember, eviction moratoriums — indefinitely into the future, issued by executive order — were unthinkable and on nobody’s radar prior to 2020 (outside of literal Communists on Marxist college campuses). Yet now eviction moratoriums are normal. It’s the “new normal”, remember?

Conservatives have been making bad arguments for decades. They go from, “Medicare is socialized medicine” in 1960 to “Obamacare is socialized medicine, but not Medicare” in 2010. They lose every battle and as the battle losses accumulate, they eventually lose the war. That war — freedom versus totalitarianism — seems to have come, at long last, to its climax in our time. The surreal atmosphere of vaccination mandates (involving experimental treatments that aren’t, medically speaking, vaccinations) … to showing proof of vaccination status at state borders (Biden has already floated this fascist idea) … to arbitrary and months-long or years-long curfews every time somebody sneezes or gets hospitalized for the flu (which has ALWAYS gone on, by the way) … This is the stuff of Orwellian or Randian novels. Until now. It’s all non-fiction now.

If we wish to win and survive as a free civilization, we have to (at the bare minimum) make principled arguments. Communists and “Democrats” have no problem saying, “This is an emergency. It’s an emergency for as long as I say so. So everything I say goes. If I say building owners may not charge rent for months, years, or perhaps even ever again … then that’s how it is. Get over it! And if the Supreme Court defies me we’ll just stack the Supreme Court with additional justices who will. Problem solved.” Not that they need to stack the Supreme Court, with elections so rigged (thanks mainly to subjective mail-in voting) that we’ll never see a conservative or Republican in office again, in most places (as if Republicans, outside of Lincoln, Reagan or Trump, ever actually did anything to preserve or expand freedom).

The bottom line here is that private property does NOT belong to the government. It does NOT belong to the CDC. It does NOT belong to “Dr. Fauci”. It does NOT belong to Bill de Blasio. The property belongs to the people who acquired it legally, who ACTUALLY OWN it, and who enter into morally and legally binding agreements with willing tenants who agreed to a particular set of terms.

If your heart bleeds for the poor tenants (many of whom draw government “unemployment” checks and play games all day while paying no rent), then don’t bankrupt the people who own the property the tenants are living in. Believe me, that’s not going to end well for the tenants, either.

Blame the people who created all this disaster in the first place: The media; and the government. They are the ones who started and who maintain the lockdowns.

Blame them.




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