These Are Not Nice People

I love the anger and rage being expressed by those disgusted with Joe Biden’s brutal betrayal of our military and our country. Especially by the parents and others who have lost loved ones because of Biden’s deliberate negligence. For too long, rational patriots have tried to remain civil. Through a year and a half of mask edicts, vaccination mandates, threats, invasions of privacy, eradication of due process, selectively enforced riot laws, violations of the freedom to worship and to engage in free speech, we have tried to remain loyal to our country’s legacy by being polite, civil, and refusing to fight back in any way. But notice: IT’S NOT WORKING. Civility and manners will not work because we are not dealing with civil people. We’re dealing with tyrants, traitors and people openly and unblinkingly committed to the literal destruction of our freedom. If you doubt me, check the headlines of the last few hours or days … and these are mostly headlines from propaganda machines trying to make these tyrants look like reasonable and just people!

What Biden and company did to those poor soldiers and civilians left behind in Afghanistan is a metaphor for what he intends to do to all of us: Unless or until we fall into line and comply with everything from permanent mask mandates, experimental medical treatments to socialized medicine, green energy mandates, wealth confiscation, gun confiscation and the end of free speech. I repeat: We are not dealing with civil, decent people. Joe Biden’s dementia is not an excuse; he is lucid much of the time, and he knows what he’s doing. This wretched incompetent wanted a seat at the cool kids’ table, and he finally got it (after 50 years of waiting) by committing himself, his party and his shockingly ignorant (or shockingly evil) supporters to the most totalitarian reversal away from freedom and individual rights the world has ever seen.

We are witnessing the fast reversal of 1776 with every passing hour, and everyone connected to this evil regime who took over our once free (faltering, admittedly, but still free) republic has nothing to do with civility. If you think you’re honoring the legacy of the presidency, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights by refraining from calling things exactly what they are, then you are (unwittingly) falling into the very trap by which our freedoms will be obliterated. Afghanistan was no accident. It could not have been, because no military in the history of humankind has ever made such a grotesque mistake. Let your justified anger out. Express it, as these grieving parents have done, the people who know better than most of us exactly what blood these dictators-in-the-making do have on their hands. Make these sociopaths who seek to be your rulers afraid, in any way you still can. Deep down, they are sociopaths and the only thing they have to fear is your inner strength, expressed without reservation.




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