Biden’s Turned Back: A Symbol of the Party of non-Accountability

Democrats/Communists are the party of non-accountability. Look at Joe Biden. No accountability, despite the considerable blood on his hands. Nothing is going to happen to him, to his Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense or the other corrupt people who allowed this to happen.

In law, there’s something called criminal negligence. You or I could be convicted and jailed for hitting and killing a pedestrian, by accident. The law would acknowledge we didn’t mean it; but we’d still be held criminally responsible, in certain cases. So even if you don’t believe (as I do) that what happened in Afghanistan was too spectacular in its stupidity to be an accident, you have to believe that Biden, and all who work with him, are criminally negligent in their actions. Yet we all know they will never, ever be held accountable for anything — not legally, not morally, not in the media. Zero. Even if Biden got impeached for this (how, with a Democratic Congress and no election integrity in most states?), the next fool in power would be worse still.

The deeper issue is that this whole leftist, woke movement is about non-accountability. Biden is supported by millions of people who don’t want to be held accountable for their actions, either. They quietly (or not so quietly) cheer him on. They cheer him on not because he’s a rock star (he’s clearly a demented, sociopathic goofball); they cheer him on because the fact that HE gets away with it all means THEY get away with it all, too.

Biden’s constituents are the violent criminals his party lets out of jail under the excuse of a pandemic. Biden’s constituents are the terrorists let go by Obama who now torture, rape and behead innocent people in Afghanistan, thanks to Biden’s negligence. Biden’s constituents are the people still drawing “unemployment” at $30K a year or more, at least through 2022 and well beyond that if the unaccountable party in power has its way. Biden’s constituents are the people getting the free health care, the free college, the free everything — not because they worked for it and deserve it, but precisely because they did NOT work for it, and do NOT deserve it.

The Democrats — America’s Marxists, Nazis and fascists, all rolled up into one — are the unaccountable party. They count on something, however. They count on the silence, the complicity and the willingness of the rest of us — the good guys — to think rationally (so we can make the money they will steal from us), to take responsibility, to sacrifice for THEIR sake, and to keep working despite the abuse we encounter daily from the parasites of the world.

How long can it all go on?

Everything we know about human nature and all of human history shows this is not sustainable. Their day of reckoning will come. We know that, not by some futuristic prediction, but through the nature of reality. Before long, the good guys will stop taking it.

Afghanistan, and the enormously angry and justified rage being expressed over the whole morbid fiasco, has brought it all to the surface.

I look forward to the days of accountability that will inevitably come for these twisted, nasty, horrific and unaccountable sociopaths holding power as they do today. I don’t know how it will all play out. I won’t deny that these bad guys will continue to inflict a lot of suffering. But when the rest of us have had enough — watch out.


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