Leftism, COVID Conformity and the Psychology of Masochism

The Oxford English Dictionary defines masochism as follows:

the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from one’s own pain or humiliation.

(in general use) the enjoyment of what appears to be painful or tiresome.

Leftists are gullible individuals, in many cases. If the government or the mainstream of the media says it — then it must be true (they feel). If Rachel Maddow, nothing more than a high paid actress pretending to be a newscaster, says it convincingly … why then, it’s true.

But you must understand: It’s not merely stupidity. Or ignorance. Many leftists are profoundly masochistic. They want to obey. They want to be ruled.

Masochism, in a non-sexual context, explains the unhealthy psychological need of so many to obey — even when the obedience makes no sense.

Witness the rage and hostility many COVID conformists display when you say things like, “If your vaccine is really effective, you have nothing to fear from the nonvaccinated”; or, “If masks really work, then you’re fine as long as you wear one; don’t worry about the rest of us.” Few things throw them into a more intense rage, along with a call to their mayors, governors and Presidents to impose mandates on everyone — potentially forever.

When you challenge a leftist, you set up a roadblock to his or her unhealthy need to obey.

When challenged, even slightly (as in not wearing a mask), leftists and COVID conformists reveal themselves to have the souls of dictators. Not surprisingly, with increasing intensity they embrace Communism (AOC, Bernie Sanders) or some other hybrid form of totalitarianism in the name of “democracy” or “science,” in the process making a linguistic and conceptual mockery of those terms.

Some leftists are otherwise highly intelligent, accomplished and (sometimes) even likable people … until sociopolitical issues come up, as they must in the present day where the smallest events of daily life have now become politicized.

It’s a grotesque and horrifying transformation to watch, i.e., the transformation of your previous friend, acquaintance or loved one into this totalitarian fascist monster who would send you into a reeducatoin camp in two minutes flat for disagreeing with them. And, as we came to understand after Trump’s election in 2016, most of them really mean it. But here we are. It’s like an evolving nightmare. And it’s just getting started, I’m afraid. I will keep saying it, because I see no evidence to contradict me and I see mounting evidence with every passing hour: These people are capable of absolutely anything, and they will direct their government to do it, in due course.

When you use logic, reason, facts or common sense with a leftist — not just with masks or vaccines, but especially with those two particular things, right now — then you interfere with their masochism. When you interfere with their masochism, they become like heroin addicts whose drug is taken away from them. All hell breaks loose, psychologically and behaviorally. They go for the kill. Their masochism converts into sadistic attitudes and behaviors. Leftists (who claim to champion the downtrodden) become the victimizers. At least verbally, they impose their will by any means necessary — shaming, intimidating and, of course, invoking and empowering their religious idol: Unlimited Government.

Prepare yourselves. We are in for a very, very rough ride.




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