If China Had Invaded America, What Would it Look Like?

If the Communist Chinese government — or some other totalitarian regime — invaded the United States openly, with troops, tanks and missiles, and took over the apparatus of our existing republic’s government … would it look any different than it does now?

If the Chinese had openly invaded, they would likely install a puppet. The puppet would be superficially trustworthy to many, ideally a long-time figure in American politics from the left-leaning side, of course. And the puppet would be brazenly incompetent. Consequently, the puppet could hold onto power long enough to do horrible damage, demoralizing and weakening the people further and preparing them for the totalitarian control that was to follow.

If the Chinese had openly invaded the United States with troops and missiles, they would seek to do what worked so well in their own country, starting back in the 1950s and 1960s (under Mao) and into the present time: Influence and ultimately control the culture. Millions of Americans watch sports, including the Olympics, movies, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, HBO, Showtime, etc. Influence what happens in these enterprises and you will control the culture as much as you possibly can, outside of the schools. Exploit the far-left tendency of all the outspoken Hollywood and sports celebrities, and it’s a win-win: Reinforce and mold the pro-Communist attitudes of those ready for totalitarianism; marginalize and shame the outliers who dare to disagree, encouraging them simply to shut up.

What about media, including social media? The tech giants are 100 percent left-wing — Communist left-wing, not “moderate”. These are not your granddaddy’s (nor even your daddy’s) left-wingers. They are billionaire fascist Communists … precisely the same as the Chinese Communists. They’re already in place. Ninety percent of the regular media, the news media, can be counted on to cover people, events and government exactly as they’d be covered in a totalitarian dictatorship where the government openly seizes the media. No need to do so in America. The media is already unequivocally on the side of anything statist, collectivist or Communist. Shutting down the few outliers on the right can be done later. Breitbart, The Daily Wire, The Blaze … they will soon be gone, as Hong Kong was eventually taken out. But not just yet. Fox News wobbles in the middle, thinking it can play both sides; eventually it will close down, or become CNN. There’s no middle ground in a totalitarian regime.

Finally, take over the government-run schools. The Communist Chinese would find their work mostly done in that department, too. All that’s left is to impose Critical Race Theory, a brazenly racist, pro-collectivist, openly pro-Communist approach to “learning” and government never before so openly peddled in the United States, outside of some marginally far-left universities. As for universities, they had become such bastions of political correctness by 2017 that conservative speakers — even mushy ones like George Will — could no longer even set foot on a campus without well-planned, well-funded riots ensuing. And in most university towns and cities, like Berkeley and Seattle, the state and local governments could be counted on to tell the police to turn a blind eye, and stand down, whenever violence was done to conservatives. Just like a totalitarian country, where the police are politicized and actively take sides. All of America’s big cities and universities are already there, as we learned in the summer of 2020.

If the Chinese Communists invaded America today, they’d find a mostly willing reception. All that would remain are the technicalities.

Whether the Chinese Communists are behind everything going on in the United States today is beside the point. Whether Chinese troops reportedly amassing on the Canadian border suggest an impending invasion by the Chinese almost doesn’t matter. The Chinese are too smart for that. The real point is: Our government and cultural institutions willingly surrendered to the statism now growing by the hour in what used to be the United States. So did 70 to 80 million of our citizens, the people who will be left-wing no matter how bad things get.

The fate of freedom — not just for the United States, but for the entire human race — now resides in the rest of our hands. It is, quite literally: us against the world.



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