America Already Has a Taliban

We already have a Taliban in the United States. It’s called the Democratic Party. It’s called leftism.

The American version of the Taliban favors coercion over persuasion. Leftists are grossly intolerant — just like the Taliban. Leftism shames, threatens and intimidates. Psychologically, leftism is precisely like the Taliban. Leftists cancel all who disagree with them. It’s not hard to imagine them favoring worse than mere “cancellation”, for dissenters and others with conscientious objections to the rule of their edicts and beliefs.

The American Taliban worships at the altar of government. Just as the Taliban says, “Our authorities speak the will of Allah,” America’s leftists claim to speak unquestionable truth. They call it “science”. But science, in its correct meaning, refers to objective proof and ruling out alternative explanations. Science refers to an integration of ALL relevant facts, not only facts that Facebook, Twitter or the Biden White House says you may or may not consider. Science requires reason; and reason means thinking, objecting and always being open to modifying. These qualities are 100 percent absent from American leftism, culture and their whole approach to government. America’s Taliban perverts science as a means of using authority to blindly accept whatever authority says.

“Follow the science” say America’s Democrats and leftists. “Follow Allah” say the Taliban. Both mean the same thing: “Subvert independent judgment; SUBMIT to authority.”

The Taliban and the American left who rule us have one simple goal in common: submission.

In Afghanistan, you’re jailed or killed if you don’t follow the state religion. In America, you’re shamed, censored or cancelled if you don’t follow the state religion imposed through state-run schools, and state-intimidated corporations and music, movies, television, and sports. You’re thrown in Facebook jail. You’re banished from Twitter forever. Real jailing will soon come. What’s to stop it? On our current course, even worse will come. It always does — absent a massive, immediate, and TOTAL U-turn in absolutely everything we’re doing.

The Taliban stands for conformity, and brutal enforcement of that conformity. Shaming substitutes rational morality, and willful blindness replaces freedom of speech and thought.

How on earth is it ANY different in America today, insofar as America is influenced and controlled by leftists?

When I look at Taliban terrorists and I look at Pelosi, Schumer, Biden or AOC … I see exactly the same thing. If you value your survival, you would do well to do the same.



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