They Know What They’re Doing

Nasty Biden voters tell Trump supporters that THEY, Trump supporters, are responsible for the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Will these same Biden voters take ANY responsibility for the bloodshed in Afghanistan, given their choice of a President? I think we know that answer already.

From the mouths of leftists in the media:

“The Pentagon just said they expect ISIS attacks to continue and are relying on the Taliban to help protect us. The Taliban are supposed to protect us?!”’s Clay Travis said. “This is insanity.”

Eli Lake, a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion wrote alongside a Politico story, “I never again want to hear about Biden’s competence, empathy or experience. This debacle is worse than 1000 Helsinkis. And I say that as someone who wrote that Helsinki was a humiliating disgrace.”

“These are the smartest people in America, the expert class, mostly Ivy League educated people with very important titles And they’re f–ing morons,” Chronicles Magazine associate editor Pedro Gonzalez emphasized.

My reply?

1) They know what they’re doing.

2) Thanks a lot, Biden supporters. This is all on YOU.



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