My Mind, My Body, My Choice

We are told by EVERYONE that self-sacrifice is the ideal; and that self-preservation is wrong (or, at best, a necessary and occasional evil).

The basis for our entire welfare state, and the basis for the next step after the welfare state — all-out Communism — is the idea that self-sacrifice is the ideal.

The idea behind mask-wearing and the so-called vaccine isn’t self-preservation. The idea is self-sacrifice, for the sake of your fellow man.

None of it makes sense, on its own terms. If self-preservation were the point of mask-wearing and experimental vaccines, then no self-sacrifice would be necessary. Nobody ever points this out. We wouldn’t need to be threatened, shamed, intimidated, censored or coerced into doing something if it were self-evidently in the interest of self-preservation to do it.

I have even heard Karen-types argue (actually, scream) that, “Even if the vaccine doesn’t harm you, that’s not the point. The point is to sacrifice for your fellow humans!” But why should we sacrifice for our fellow humans? If something is good for us, then it doesn’t require a sacrifice. And if the thing we’re being commanded to do will result in our own self-destruction, then it will surely harm others, too. And if someone is telling me to do something that I believe or know will destroy me, even while supposedly benefiting others, then that person better have a good explanation for why I should do it (hint: there is none).

This isn’t a comment on whether you should or should not wear a mask, or whether you should or should not take the vaccine. I am making a comment that whatever you do, it shouldn’t be an act of self-sacrifice. You should make important, risky decisions only because you believe — or preferably, because you KNOW — that whatever you’re putting into or on your body is good for you, and necessary for your survival.

The same goes for the Communism, socialism and fascism now being foisted on us by our schools, corporations, media establishment and government. Communism, if it’s so great, would not require an act of self-sacrifice to endorse it, as advocates of Communism (AOC, Bernie Sanders, etc.) so readily brag that they do (while living in huge houses and wearing the most expensive clothes). Unfortunately, Communism destroys ALL that is worthwhile about life, all that makes the life of the mind and the body comfortable, happy and survivable; it’s an act of simultaneous suicide and murder to support any kind of collectivism or socialism. Communism breaks the spirit and decimates the material prosperity that only freedom can provide.

Without the false idea that self-sacrifice is good and self-preservation is bad, Communism would never have come this far.



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