Joe Biden, the Grotesque & Demented Buffoon

Joe Biden has flushed the world down the toilet in less than nine months, including his withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which led to a swift Taliban takeover and a destabilization of the Middle East, Eric Trump said Wednesday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Schmitt Tonight.”

“Twenty years, 6,300 Americans who lost their lives over there, $2 trillion that was spent over there, and this administration loses a country in seven days and, by the way, embarrasses us around the world. The Sun, the biggest newspaper in the UK, is calling Biden a clown. It’s horribly depressing, especially for a family like us who fought every single day to get this country back on track. … It’s hard to believe how much devastation has been done in a seven-day period.” [from Newsmax 8/19/21]

Exactly right.

The United States, as a free country, does not need a “leader”. A nation of individualists (if we still were one) would not require someone to set an example. People would follow their own reasoning minds, and choose their own heroes, for such a purpose. A free country with a severely limited government exists to protect rights — and that’s all. The most basic right is a property right. Along with that most basic right are the First and Second Amendments — the right to speak your mind, and to physically protect yourself. State and local governments are best equipped to secure rights. The primary purpose of a federal government is to protect our interests abroad, and to secure our borders. How well is Joe Biden doing with that, by any standard?

When the head of government in a free country falters, it’s not a catastrophe. You get a new one. Our Constitution provides for that with impeachment and elections. But the problem here is that this executive head is not accountable to the people. The problem is that in our present state, elections no longer matter. Biden rose to office in the context of a faulty, fraudulent election. The fraud was pulled off with mail-in voting, a fraud that in turn was pulled off by the grossly exaggerated dangers of an overwhelmingly survivable flu virus. It’s as simple as that. The toxic precedents set by that fraud are still with us.

Joe Biden is a grotesque, demented buffoon. Yet he’s also a living reminder of the continuing fraud against the principles of our Constitution, and the very principle of freedom itself. He sneers and snaps at any remote hint of accountability on his part — for anything. He understands, on some level, why he’s there, and how he got there.

The only parties to whom Biden is accountable are the parties responsible for the fraud that put him there. His presence in the world’s highest political office has nothing to do with the people, i.e. the voters; nor will his removal, whenever and however it occurs.

It’s wise to keep that in mind. Biden is a symptom — not a cause. His grotesque incompetence is plain for all to see. But does it occur to anyone that perhaps he’s in office because of his incompetence — and not in spite of it? Rational people who care about their freedom and the continuation of our government would not make such a choice as Biden (nor his anticipated successor, based on what we’ve seen of her). There’s evidence to suggest most people didn’t select Biden in the first place.

The events of 2020 and the first half of 2021 remain completely unresolved: Election fraud; unprecedented, unwarranted and unconstitutional lockdowns; and the clamping down on freedom of speech by gigantic companies taking orders from the White House on what may and may not be posted online. THESE problems are the real crisis, more than Afghanistan and more than Biden. We can’t lose sight of that. It’s not business as usual, and we’re in much more danger than even the most patriotic of us seem to appreciate. Perhaps the catastrophe with Kabul will wake more people up.

Bottom line: America is not a republic; not right now. It’s an occupied country. Whenever you look at Biden, remember that.




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