Biden’s Humanitarian Crisis

The following is from the article, “How Big Is the Angry Majority?” by John Green, posted 8-20-21 at The American Thinker website.

If one takes the 2020 election results as legitimate (I don’t, but that’s for another day), Biden received 80.0M votes, and Trump received 73.9M votes. However, in November of last year, the Media Research Center conducted a poll of Biden voters. Seventeen percent said they would have changed their vote had they known about any of a number of news stories spiked by the MSM. The news stories of which they were unaware included Biden scandals (sexual harassment and influence-peddling) and reporting about Trump’s successes (the economy, Middle East negotiations, and energy independence). That’s a whopping 13.6M voters who wish they had voted differently — as of November of 2020! It also means that the number of voters now opposing Biden has gone from a minority of 73.9M to a majority of 87.5M (versus 66.4M who still favor him). It’s a testament to the power of propaganda. Is it likely that any of these people has moved back into the “happy with Biden” column? Hint: People don’t like being deceived; it makes them angry.

Now let’s look at what’s happened since the election and see if events are likely to move anyone out of the “angry” column and back into the “happy” column. As Richard Fernandez aptly put it, Joe Biden has treated America to a cascade of failures. The failures started immediately after his inauguration and have gotten progressively worse.

In his first week in office, President Asterisk signed a number of executive orders that throttled the fossil fuel industry in America. Prices at the pump have jumped an average of 40% in just the last eight months. More importantly, we are dependent on foreign oil once again. Joe even begged OPEC (including such friends as Iran, Libya, and Venezuela) for help. They politely declined. Who could have seen that coming? Is this moving Americans to the “happy” or “angry” column?

President Asterisk immediately reversed President Trump’s border control protocols and triggered a humanitarian crisis. Apprehensions have reached 200,000 per month — that’s apprehensions, not total crossings. Illegals are being detained in overcrowded facilities and even under bridges — and yes, we do have children in cages again. It’s gotten so bad that the Harris/Biden administration is bussing illegals — many of them COVID-positive — around the country and dropping them off in unsuspecting communities. Is this moving Americans to the “happy” or “angry” column?

Deficit spending and ill advised pandemic policies are creating skyrocketing inflation. Printing money has devalued the dollar, and paying people not to work has created a shortage of products and services. Any discretionary family income is rapidly being eaten up. People are losing buying power and watching the value of their savings evaporate. Is this moving Americans to the “happy” or “angry” column?

Joe has created a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, which has cost America influence on the world stage. Just as he did with The Donald’s border plans, Joe threw away the Trump exit plans. Contrary to military and Intelligence Community recommendations, he ordered an immediate and unconditional exit from the country. Now we have something north of 10,000 Americans trapped in country. We’re being treated to images of panicked Afghans clinging to the side of departing aircraft, only to eventually fall to their deaths. According to a Trafalgar Poll, an astounding 70% of Americans disapprove of Joe’s handling of the exit. Is this moving anybody from the “happy” to the “angry” column?


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