Snowflakes: Afghanistan is YOUR Future

The plight of Americans left behind in Afghanistan is described as “dire”. U.S. Senator Tom Cotton has set up a hotline for crisis counseling; Biden, still hiding at Camp David, said through his vacationing press secretary that he hopes the Taliban will be nice and let Americans go peacefully.

THIS is what the military and federal government of the United States of America have come to. The military founded by George Washington that defeated the British, later liberated the world from Nazism and Communism, and crushed ISIS only a couple of years ago is now THIS. Why? Because the fish rots from the head down, and Joe Biden, along with all who actively support him, are rotten, through and through.

It’s truly a metaphor for what’s to come. The 30-year-old snowflakes who draw government checks and live in their childhood bedrooms claiming fear of COVID; or the more sophisticated snowflakes who trade on government perks and favors in pursuit of the unearned … They will yawn or sneer at the collapse of American credibility in Kabul and around the world. But the moral credibility that once made “America” mean something, and the fiscal credibility that those government payments or perks made possible, should matter to these snowflakes.

Reality will hit them at some point. The Joe Biden regime is just like any other regime that will follow it in our rigged, utterly corrupt system that once made up a republic. The very Joe Biden who literally hides at Camp David and refuses to talk to anyone is the same one who will abandon the millions who count on ever-expanding benefits — benefits that will do them no good when inflation grows into the double digits, or beyond, and all the freebies in the world will do them no good in a collapsing economy. Yet they will vote for their own destruction again and again — screaming, as they go down, that nothing was ever their fault.

Take a look at those poor, physically mangled, abandoned souls clinging to US military planes fleeing Afghanistan, you snowflakes. Before long, that will be YOU.



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