Why Biden is Far More Dangerous than Jimmy Carter

It’s interesting to watch the Communist media and all the Biden allies in European governments, as well as America’s Communist Democratic Party, pile on him.

Last year, and earlier this year, Biden could do no wrong. So long as he wasn’t Trump — and so long as he’s not a Republican, and so long as he’s not even a “moderate” Democrat — he can do no wrong. He serves his purpose.

Seemingly, that’s all out the window after the collapse of Afghanistan.

Is something afoot?

Remember: Biden has no accountability to the American people. Personally, he may have accountability– to the people who ensured his regime would be in office in the first place. If his regime no longer pleases them, then they will take steps, through the media they dominate, to do whatever they need to do. It’s just like mask mandates and vaccinations. So long as these things please them and serve their power pursuits, they are imposed; when they tire of these methods, they move on to others — or go back again. Whims are how tyrants function. There’s nothing mysterious or brilliant about it. There never has been.

None of these leftist, fascist or “woke” Communist tyrants care in the least about American military strength or credibility. They only care about their own power (and money, of course). In some sense, their power depends, at least in part, on the American military. They’re counting on everyone in the military to support their woke, far left efforts. But nothing seems to phase these people. They are drunk with power. In their drunkenness, they act like they’re truly mad. It stems less from mental illness than unchecked evil, combined with no accountability whatsoever for their actions.

Biden isn’t the main one to watch. The ones to watch are in the media. The media consists of thoroughly dishonest, and not-very-smart people who all look to each other for ideas about how to compose a narrative that fits in with what seems cool, or acceptable. They represent the utter antithesis of objectivity, or truth. Nevertheless, they are very much the drivers of today’s society. We have seen that with how they control other people’s behavior regarding COVID-19. They’re literally drunk with power. They know, or at least have reason to believe from repeated recent experience, that they can literally shut down civilization on a moment’s notice by screaming that the sky is falling (and getting “Dr. Fauci” to agree with them).

The real question: What does a leftist totalitarian have to gain through Biden’s downfall, if it happens? The rise of Kamala Harris? Perhaps. Or maybe something else is in store for us.

All we can know for sure is that the people in charge are NOT accountable to the voters. The voters stopped asserting their rights by giving in to COVID, including the phenomenon of mail-in voting which enabled Biden’s faux presidency.

The government does not serve any rational purpose, certainly not after the “election” of 2020. It does not serve the interests of the people, not any longer. The government is about service to a small number of corrupt elites — driven by money, irrational ideology, or both — who will sacrifice everything worthwhile about human life in order to get it.

When Jimmy Carter’s disasters piled up back in the late 1970s, he was actually held accountable. Ronald Reagan and the Republicans crushed him in the election of 1980, and the results of that election mattered for many years after. Some of the old-school, more conservative newscasters try to report about Biden on the same premise. What they’re missing is that this is not 1979; and it’s not your granddaddy’s failed presidency.

That’s what makes the present situation far more dangerous than 1979. Today’s leftists are not accountable. They are amoral, sinister and utterly irredeemable monsters. Our fate lies in their hands, unless the all-too-silent majority can yet figure out a way to bring them down. Biden is their poster child, but his arrogant ineptitude is simply a concrete illustration of just what we’re up against.



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