Millions of Americans Succumb to Sugar Daddy Government

You can’t be a free country unless the great majority of the people WANT to be free.

If the majority of people want to take other people’s money — or to accept money from the government based on fiat currency debt, which was never earned by anyone — then the majority of people will become dependent on that government. The government becomes its “sugar daddy”. The relationship between the government and the people will be no different than the relationship between a “kept” wife and her husband. It will be cynical, lacking in respect, lacking in authentic loyalty. Each side will know the other has compromised his or her basic character, and each side knows the other is living a sham — and knows that he or she knows it.

That’s the state we’re in today. If it wasn’t true before 2020, that year surely marked the tipping point. The government now pays members of the job market to stay home. The government matches and slightly surpasses the “market” rate, giving people who stay home no economic reason to leave. Their character rots, their sense of independence and motivation decay, and the government exploits these weaknesses more and more, for as long as it can. Thousands of businesses struggle to survive without employees, and as those businesses falter and collapse, their former owners become dependent on the government too. It’s a brilliant racket.

Because the government is based upon fraud, deceit and the moral/psychological decay of its victims, it cannot carry itself on with even the minimal strength of a sugar daddy relationship. Eventually it will resort to raw fear, intimidation and brute force. While in its weakened position that government and former sugar daddy will be in a better position to be challenged, the people it has undermined will be in less of a position to challenge it than ever before. This explains the hold of Soviet Russia on its Communist victims for generations, and the continued hold that North Korea, China, Cuba and Venezuela have over their people today: They have been conditioned into subservience.

The tragic error made by Americans of both parties was the assumption that “it can’t happen here.” Whenever you see people interviewed after a natural disaster or medical crisis, they’ll always say something like, “You think it can’t happen to you. But it can, and it does.” America was a special and unprecedented place. But it was never an impossible place. The only thing that makes it impossible now is the increasing unwillingness of a growing number of people to separate themselves from their sugar daddy. On both sides, I see and sense a resignation to the inevitability of government control over every aspect of our lives. People who oppose the lockdowns created by government panic resign themselves to the payments offered in compensation for those lockdowns. They see themselves as having little choice other than complying with “vaccinations”, allegiance to woke ideas and the forthcoming mandatory green revolution which will destroy capitalism and industrial civilization as we have known it since the 1800s at least.

Nothing is inevitable. Human beings will always have free choice. As totalitarianism overtakes our society, people will remain free to fight it. The fight will be much, much harder than it would have been earlier. But it’s too late for that part. We’re all underground now, unless we choose to comply with not just lockdowns, but with everything from critical race theory and felony imprisonment for calling someone by the incorrect pronoun. Senator Rand Paul recently made the astute comment, in favor of resistance against the government, that they cannot jail ALL of us. That’s so true. But too many of us want the imprisonment, especially when under the delusion that it’s a sugar daddy who will take care of us in the manner to which we have become accustomed. Many will soon learn, the hard way, that the sugar daddy doesn’t come by his wealth honestly; and the manner to which you have become accustomed cannot go on forever.



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