Biden’s Sinking America

Before the year is out, nearly $10 trillion may have been added to the national debt from all the spending done by a “bipartisan” majority in the Imperial City.

Critics condemn them for saddling future generations with inconceivable debt. But it’s far worse than that. The damage is being done NOW — to US. It will destroy us, and in the process wipe out any possibility of a future for those generations 50 or 100 years down the road.

The reason is not just the spending; it’s what the government is actually DOING. Under the guise of an “infrastrucuture” bill, the legislation does things like mandate the elimination of fossil fuels on the highway within a decade. What do you think that will do, not just to personal travel, but to the ability of businesses to transport food and medical supplies? It doesn’t happen by accident, or by magic. And it will take more than magic or accident to restore the damage done when millions of people suffer, or even die, once these mandates take place.

One U.S. Senator from Tennessee commented that the “infrastructure” bill is longer than the Bible sitting on his desk — considerably longer. Nobody reads the legislation they’re passing or signing (do you think Biden has?), and nobody is expected to read it. Congress is doing far worse than merely spending like drunken sailors. They’re running up debt that would sober up the worst heroin addict. It’s incomprehensible in its insanity. Inflation continues to go up. Why? Because when the government electronically “prints” more money it does not have, the value of the currency declines. This is how all economies collapse. We’re at a very real risk not just for restoring the double-digit inflation of the Nixon-Ford-Carter years of the 70s, which followed a spending spree (nothing compared to the current one) by Congress in the 1960s; we’re already back in that territory. We’re in real danger of triggering hyperinflation, the kind of currency-busting collapse that destroyed the Weimar republic in Germany (paving the way for Hitler), or that destroyed the fairly robust economy in Venezuela more recently (paving the way for the Communism and pet-eating starvation occurring there now).

I look at all the arrogant, ignorant people who watch CNN, who vote for every Democrat they can find (AOC or Bernie Sanders for President would suit them just fine), and I think: How can otherwise fairly reasonable and intelligent people be so CLUELESS? How can they be THIS ignorant of what they have endorsed and created? They move along, whistling inside their masks, assuming their great-grandchildren will live far better off than they and their children today. How could it ever all go away? This is America! The socialist republic of America, that is. Their sense of patriotism is not liberty and freedom; their sense of patriotism is a war against facts and reality, including a delusion that socialism, which has failed everywhere it’s tried, will somehow work THIS time, in America … if we can just shut up the dissenters.

Life is not supposed to be about misery and suffering. Each of us, in our individual lives, will encounter enough challenges without the government and the culture doing everything it can to bring every one of us down, and making all of us (aside from an elite, connected minority) miserable, for the rest of our days. I hardly know what to say, at this point. It all begs for a moment of silence, as a memorial to what once was, what might have been and (today) what never had to be. In 2019, America had reached a high point. And then it killed itself — seemingly, inexplicably. The suicide is happening right before our eyes. Half of us grasp it (or at least sense it); and half of us scream that while we’re done with Trump, we have to find a way to exterminate the non-socialist, the non-mask-wearing and the unvaccinated ASAP.

Increasingly, there’s not much left to say. Most of the damage has already been inflicted. Now we await the results — most of us clueless. And, as the ship goes down, the innocent — the wealth-creating business owners, the Trump “deplorables”, the lovers of liberty and rationality, and (of course) the unvaccinated — will get all of the blame. The real perpetrators will get no blame.

At its best, there’s nothing like human nature. You get scientific breakthroughs, innovations in business and technology, amazing inventions and the United States of America. At its worst, I used to say, you get Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Now we can add to that phrase: At its worst, you get Biden’s sinking America.



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