Go Right Ahead, Biden Regime: Inject 165 Million by Force

About half the American population has not taken the COVID “vaccine”. Most of them presumably have no intention of doing so, given how widely available the government has made the experimental treatment.

That’s HALF of the population. Consider this a moment. Prostitution is illegal. So is the use of drugs such as cocaine, heroin or crystal meth. It’s a safe bet that not half of the population wishes to employ prostitutes or use drugs. But many do, and the market for these goods and services is robust and always growing, despite centuries of government laws against these activities.

If less than half the population wants drugs and prostitutes, and the government cannot do anything to stop them, then how can the government do anything about the fact that half the population does not want their experimental anti-viral drug?

Laws against prostitutes and drugs involve prohibitions. Prohibitions are easier to enforce than mandates. The mandates now being proposed regarding the government drug involve FORCIBLY putting the drug into people’s bodies.

In what universe, even in a declining, irrational and stupefied republic, can the government — consisting of people at least as hapless as the people who support it — expect to force 165 million people to take an experimental medication they do not want? Pressure them, sure — to a point. But literally force them? The same government (federal, state and local) who can’t stop millions from seeking prostitutes and using drugs will inject 165 million angry, resentful, frightened and furious persons with an unwanted vaccination.

I can’t wait to see this.



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