COVID Forever: It’s a Religion

The need to participate in “COVID forever” is a form of religion.

Like a religion, it’s faith-based. “Follow the science” does NOT mean “follow reason.” It means: Follow Dr. Fauci. Follow the authorities. Even when the authorities make no sense, or contradict each other, or contradict themselves from one five-minute segment to the next — you still follow the authorities. In religion, it’s ALL about authority.

COVID Forever provides a sense of belonging. People without self-respect or self-esteem need to belong. It comes from wearing a mask or telling people you’re “vaccinated”. The need to intimidate, or segregate from society, people who are NOT “vaccinated” instills, in the neurotic, a feeling of false superiority and power over others. Religion provides that.

Religions always occur in groups. That’s no accident. By banding together and saying or doing things that make no rational sense, you give those otherwise irrational activities seeming validity. Why? Because everyone else is doing it. Dissenters are reminders that not everyone agrees. That’s why they must be crushed. Whether it’s fanatical Muslims who cannot exist, peacefully and with serenity, knowing that somebody, somewhere, does not have blind allegiance to Allah; or whether it’s fanatical COVID Forever apostles who cannot exist, peacefully and with serenity, knowing that somebody, somewhere, perhaps even in his own bathroom, is not wearing five masks … or, Heaven Forbid, is not “vaccinated” … the two mentalities are precisely the same.

It’s a religion. When it’s faith-based, even while claiming to be “science”, it’s still a religion. When it relies heavily on group pressure and intimidation over reason and common sense, it’s a religion. When it demands coercion and compliance, rather than persuasion and liberty to choose, it’s a religion.

For years, it was the “religious right” we were warned against, as the group who would steal our freedoms. Now we know the truth, and it was the truth all along: It’s the religious left who will enslave us. At least so long as we refuse to fight back.


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