When the Bad Guys Become Confident — Watch Out

If you read about the fall of the Roman Empire, you find a lack of principle and a LOT of palace intrigue.

All the fighting about Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York illustrates that well.

The leftists know they have won the political war, and they’re winning the cultural war. America is being delivered not just to some horrific hybrid of National Socialist/fascist Germany, Soviet Russia, Cuba, North Korea and Maoist as well as post-Maoist China; it is also changing as a culture, becoming a place where people wear masks and stand ready to do anything else the government or its media tell us to do. That includes even what to FEEL: when to be afraid, and when to be less afraid.

The people in control of our government and culture do not need Mario Cuomo. They know his policies will be implemented, forever, by whomever sits in his chair. But the media-sanctioned scandals over his evidently declining rule make for good theater. The media must have something to report. It still makes its money off companies whose allegiance now resides more with Communist-fascist China than with paying customers. It all makes perfect sense.

Once you understand that the Democratic Communists understand that it’s all over — that they have won — then you will be able to explain their behavior. Joe Biden acts as if there’s never going to be another challenge to any of his edicts. Obama didn’t quite act that way; but Joe Biden does. Obama enjoyed (inexplicably, to me) a personal popularity that Joe Biden will never have; yet Biden acts with more freedom than an FDR or a Ronald Reagan at the peak of their popularity and influence.

The point is: When you have won the battle for the culture and the government, it no longer matters who’s in charge. Because the people in charge know there will be no challenge to their authority.

Andrew Cuomo is at the whim of the powers that be, just like the rest of us. Lockdowns will be restored and scaled back at the whim of the dictators. As the governor of my own state says about the next impending lockdown, “I’m monitoring the situation closely.” All this means is: “I don’t feel like locking things down right this minute. In an hour, or a day, or a week, I might. It depends on my personal, political and financial prospects. I do what I feel like.”

Even most patriots and Republicans do not grasp, I fear, the magnitude of the real danger we’re in. It’s far worse than Democrats having stolen the election; and the Supreme Court (about to be stacked with Communists) refusing to do anything about it. The real danger is that tyrants are in charge, they know they have won, and they know the population is dominated by sheep who cannot and will not challenge them — even on masks and vaccines.

Evil is, by definition, irrational and weak. But when the good guys, when the previously proud and the strong, succumb to the bad guys, and do the bidding of the bad guys (however resentfully) — well, then it’s all over. Because confident, arrogant bad guys are the last thing you want. Yet look at them. They know they have won … because we have let them.



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