The Vaccinated vs. The Unvaccinated

All the available evidence says that about half of Americans are now “fully vaccinated”. In plain English, this means that about half of Americans have (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) elected to obtain an experimental treatment for a virus that has less than a 1 percent chance of killing them. They’re doing so under pressure from their government, not because their government claims they will die without the vaccination, but because “you owe this to your fellow man.”

This so-called vaccination is NOT about health. It’s about obedience, power and control. But it’s deeper than that. It’s also about the idea of self-sacrifice. All but explicitly (and sometimes even explicitly) the tyrants from Biden on down are saying, “This vaccination will help you. You know that because we say so — WE are the only source of science and facts you need. But even if it doesn’t help you — even if taking the vaccine hurts you, in some way — then it’s even more noble. Why? Because you’re being told to do this for your fellow man. THAT’S what makes it virtuous. And THAT’S what also makes it mandatory.”

Those, by the way, are the premises and arguments of National Socialism; and Communism; and of every totalitarian mentality ever known in human history.

A lot of Americans sense this — and a few even explicitly understand it. When you give in and submit to the “vaccine”, you’re surrendering not just to your one-party government, but also to the idea that you are your brother’s keeper. Your government wants you to believe that you are your brother’s keeper, and that self-preservation and self-interest are evil and wrong. Why? Because government officials really believe that? Try to find people who act LESS like their brother’s keepers than elite billionaires and corrupt Party members in the Imperial City, and you’ll really have found something rare indeed. No, they don’t believe we are all each other’s keepers. But they want YOU to believe it. Because if YOU believe it, then you can be compelled to do anything they wish and command.

And look how it’s working, at least so far. Flawlessly. Without even having to fire a shot (at least yet).

Remember: Everybody is being told to self-sacrifice. Everyone is being told that it’s precisely because something does NOT make sense (even on its own terms), and precisely because something is NOT in your interest, that you should do it. That’s what masks were about, that’s what lockdowns were about, and that’s what “the jab” is about.

Once you persuade a majority of people of the claim that their own lives are not important, and that only the well-being of the collective matters, then it’s all over. You have them under your control.

The vaccine is a first significant and important litmus test on the road to serfdom. So far, about half the country is up for self-sacrifice, and the other half is not so sure … even dead-set against it. Hence the divide among the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. THIS is what tyrants in government, the corporate culture and media cannot stand. It’s making them crazy. That’s why the vaccine passports and other horrors yet to come are on the rise, at present.

Guard your body, your mind and your liberty very, very carefully. You’re about to find out just how precious those attributes are.



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