Does the Will of the Biden Regime Trump the Constitution?

The entire justification for the U.S. government is its willingness to uphold individual rights, specifically the Bill of Rights.

It’s the whole moral justification for any proper government: to UPHOLD the inalienable rights of the individuals within a society. Government exists for the sake of the people; NOT the other way around. That was the exact premise of America’s original Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is the polar opposite of today’s governing regime in Washington, DC, and in most of our states.

When a U.S. President and Congress use executive orders to replace legislation; openly threaten peaceful citizens with the full force of the military, including nuclear weapons, should they resist forthcoming gun confiscation (as Biden has done); openly spy on the social media posts of private citizens and order the companies who sponsor those posts to censor them; shut down virtually all human activity (with the exception of large corporations) whenever the flu breaks out, or whenever they feel like declaring an “emergency”; pass laws nationalizing all procedures in state and local elections to favor only one party; and force people to subsidize government schools and universities that actively teach in favor of tyranny and overthrowing the whole concept of the Bill of Rights … this is way, way more than enough to conclude that government has lost any claim of its legitimacy.

Somebody has to say it. We can’t go on like this, and it’s really the Patriots, the conservatives, the (authentic) Republicans, the individualists, the liberty-lovers and the libertarians who must face the truth. The left is getting everything it wants, and need not face any consequences of any kind — other than the evil and irrationality of their own depraved views, something most of them will never do.

Most of the good guys, for now, put their hopes in the next two election cycles, restoring Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2025, to the promise of God, faith, country, the flag and all the rest. I sincerely wish everyone well with these goals. But at least in the back of your minds, you have to accept what will happen if none of this works, and if the bad guys keep winning every single cultural and political battle — as they have, to date.



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