Lockdowns Will Return — WHEN the Dictators Feel Like It

Dictators live by their whims. They’re not rational, and they’re not internally consistent. Consequently, it’s hard to predict their actions. That’s why living under toxic, abusive and authoritarian dictators (whether in a family or a culture) is so stressful. It’s not just that they deny you your freedom. It’s that you can never predict what they will do, or when they will do it. In our one Party media-government partnership, with all the frightening media stories about the coming of the Delta variant, it’s not difficult to read their next moves. They are planning another strike against individual rights, private property and small businesses. It will come sooner than the winter.

Blue states: Lockdowns and mask mandates will be back. People who aren’t vaccinated will get the blame, and the government and its media will encourage the twisted Karens of the world to go after anyone who didn’t comply. It’s going to get ugly. Now that Democrats control the entire federal government, and there’s no President Trump this time, how will the Biden regime handle the states who won’t knuckle under? Send in the troops? Get ready. Anything could set off a civil war. COVID: The Sequel could be the thing.



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