Tyrants Have Power (if We Let Them), But They Are Not Strong

They are tyrants — but they are NOT strong. Strong people do not need to hold others at gunpoint. Strong personalities know how to persuade — without deception, and without force. Weak, neurotic little souls must have force. They’re drawn to government, because even in our once free country, the arbitrary force of government now reigns supreme.

Biden, Pelosi, all of them are moral weasels. They’re inferior to open thugs, because at least open criminals and thugs don’t mask who they are. Politicians are parasites. Their constituents are their fellow parasites, for whom they bring home the loot; and the host of all parasites are the productive, honest and decent people without whom there would be no loot to distribute. So these rotten, horrible people in charge are not truly strong.

And they cannot last forever. Once they have destroyed their hosts, they will be nothing. If their hosts — the good guys, the productive people — stood up to them NOW, by simply no longer complying, we could end the whole charade in a day. Sadly, that hasn’t yet happened. If and when it does, you will see a revolution unlike anything since 1776.



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