Losing Perspective is now Socially Virtuous … and Politically Mandatory

EVERYTHING is a catastrophe. A thunderstorm is a horrific event where the Coast Guard is called in. The flu is a pandemic worthy of a Stephen King novel, even though about as many die as from the regular flu. Temporary unemployment — generated by the government, not because of the economy itself — is an excuse to place people on $50K annual government stipends forever. “January 6” is treated like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and D-Day combined and multiplied by 100,000, something from which we will never recover.

Nothing is in proportion. Nothing is rational. Nothing makes sense.

In psychology, we call out-of-whack emotions “depression” or “anxiety disorder”. In today’s culture, it’s called being progressive. If you DO make sense you’re condemned, censured or censored. Jailing is the last thing left as a punishment for dissenters. The key to it all is treating minor or moderate stressors as catastrophic events. It’s all done by the media, so they can make money while condemning the system of money-making as evil. You have to wonder: How would the media handle a REAL catastrophe?



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