Fighting IS Winning (Lauren Bacall)

You don’t always win your battles, but it’s good to know you fought.


Other thoughts from my posts on social media yesterday:

Civil disobedience and passive resistance: The way of the future. Otherwise, there will be no future.

The kind of person who would VOLUNTEER to knock on your door and harass you for not obeying government edicts about vaccines (or ANYTHING else) does NOT deserve civility or nice manners. The same goes for a paid employee. This is no time to be nice. Tyrants are not nice people. Their lowly henchpersons are not merely “doing their jobs”. They are helping pave the way to a full-scale dictatorship. You must show them defiance, hostility and utter noncompliance.

Why do businesses brag about serving “the community”? Businesses serve their CUSTOMERS. Not the community.



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