A National Secret Police Agency in America? It’s Here

Perhaps the BIGGEST story of the Biden regime to date is the decision of Pelosi and her comrades in Congress to institute a nationalized police force.

They’re doing it by massively expanding the budget of the U.S. Capitol Police.

The U.S. Capitol Police exist to guard the Capitol building. That’s it. But now their powers and reach are quietly being expanded to Florida, California and potentially many other states.

This is more than just one more national police agency, to spy on citizens and do who knows what else to “prevent another January 6.” It’s an unaccountable monstrosity in the making. Note just one special feature of the U.S. Capitol Police: Unlike other federal policing agencies, they only answer to Congress — not to the people they’re policing. When their only jurisdiction was the physical U.S. Capitol building, that may make sense. But now their powers will go throughout the land, where they’re free to do anything they please to “prevent violence against members of Congress.” For example, the Freedom of Information Act does not apply to them. They are, quite literally, above the law — while enforcing whatever (Democratic) members of Congress feel, on a given day, to actually BE the law.

A police officer in Minneapolis, or any other town or city, can be prosecuted and convicted (guilty or not) for whatever he does to a citizen in that city. But a member of the U.S. Capitol Police does not have nearly the same accountability. And if they’re doing whatever they wish in the name of “preventing domestic terrorism” … well, they’ve got a total green light. Remember: There are consequences of rigged elections with only one party in charge of the federal government potentially forever. And this is one of them.

Such is the arbitrary nature of a dictatorship. Stop pretending we are not living in one. It’s all in place. Right now. And if you think the Supreme Court (which cannot possibly take on every case) stands ready to defend us against this national police force, you’re giving a lot more credit to most of the conservatives on the Supreme Court (including Trump’s 3 appointees) than they have earned in their handling of cases to date.

It’s much worse than whatever you might find to criticize about Homeland Security, the clearly politicized FBI, and all the rest. If we aren’t all libertarians now, then I don’t know what else to say other than: Welcome to the dictatorship. Because a secret police force run by one party in charge (thanks to rigged elections) is as defining an attribute of a dictatorship as censorship itself.

From Reason magazine: “The department does not need to become yet another unaccountable intelligence agency involved in the dubious and often nakedly political project of conducting widespread surveillance on the American people. Opening field agencies and monitoring “threats to members of Congress” are actions that dilute the Capitol Police’s very clear mandate to guard the Capitol building. The FBI, National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Homeland Security, and CIA are already empowered to investigate threats to political leaders; the federal government does not need to hire additional spymasters for this purpose, especially given that the agencies burdened with doing so have tended to violate the rights of innocent Americans.

But make no mistake: The Capitol Police has every intention of becoming just like the FBI and the NSA.”

Good luck, comrades. The punk-fascist-socialist-snowflakes are totally in charge now. And they’ve got guns.


Another source (with citations): The American Thinker



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