Science Was a Beautiful Thing … Until Tainted by Government

Science is a beautiful thing. Nearly everything comfortable, worthwhile and tolerant about our lives in the twenty-first century is due to science (along with freedom). But when science gets perverted into dogma — into a religion of the most intolerant, irrational and intellectually dishonest kind — it’s worse than anything we have seen before. Why? Because it’s not merely dogma. It’s dogma masquerading as science. We had a hint of that in Nazi Germany — just a hint of what we’re poised to get now. If the ridiculous events of 2020 and 2021 don’t yet convince you, then just watch what happens going forward.

The people who post signs in their yard talking about how “In this household we believe in science” sicken me beyond words. They are the worst dogmatists and irrationalists since the Middle Ages. Yet they think they’re enlightened, intelligent, and right. Nothing could be LESS scientific and rational than what we’re witnessing today.



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