July 4 in post-Constitutional America

Celebrate what 4th of July stands for? Absolutely!

But I cannot celebrate things as they are. The next time somebody sneezes or gets a fever, I will once again be living in a prison. My right to own a weapon of self-defense is threatened daily. Speech is monitored and censored by massive, “private” companies who cannot be sued and who work arm-in-arm with the one Party in power. Voting is pointless, because most candidates are on the take and if a rare authentic one comes along, and pulls ahead on election night, the counting will shut down and the candidates on the take (who were losing) will suddenly emerge victorious hours later. The Supreme Court has said (7-2) that election integrity is none of my concern (nor theirs). Being forced to take part in medical vaccination research looms and could be imposed any day now, if not by the government then through woke corporations on the take from that same rotten government. The precedent has been firmly established that rights are not natural, God-given, nor even in the Constitution any longer; rights are what the one Party in power (who will remain in power) says they are. The people we still call “Democrats” have said absolutely everything is on the table. By that they mean: My rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness. Those are the very things the 4th of July was supposed to uphold and celebrate.

Yes, I suppose it could always be worse. But I can’t celebrate living in a free country, because what I witness and experience in daily life no longer looks or feels like freedom. Yet I still know what a free country MIGHT and OUGHT to be. That’s what I will visualize and cheer on July 4. And nobody can or will ever outlaw that.



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