A Republic … and We Lost It

To say that we’re not functioning as a republic is not “throwing in the towel”. Human beings have free will and may resist or overthrow tyranny at any time. They did so in 1776. It has also happened at other places and at other times. People could do so again in 2021, 2022 or 3058. Our Constitution provides for a new convention of states, and secession (of counties, not only states) is a preferable alternative to the outright tyranny of additional lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, gun confiscation, massive wealth redistribution, chaotic open borders, rigged elections, selective enforcement of laws according to Party membership, defunding police, and all that is yet to come under the current anti-liberty regime. We can resist.

Nevertheless: We ARE living under a tyranny. Throwing in the towel would consist of saying, “It’s hopeless, man can never be free.” The last several hundred years show how close we can get to being free. It was a glorious era. Those alive today have lived at the peak of man’s finest hour, in terms of freedom and its benefits, such as the unparalleled prosperity of capitalism. But we can’t pretend we’re still a free people when clearly we no longer are. Self-delusion is not necessary to avoid “throwing in the towel”. As Ben Franklin reportedly said, he and the founders of the USA gave us a republic, “if you can keep it”. We have lost it. Stop pretending. But it will always be possible to get it back, now or whenever enough people choose to assert their freedom. Like they mean it.


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