San Francisco is Now a Dangerous, Lawless Pit

CVS: 42 percent of shoplifting losses in SF area coming from stores with just 8 percent share of the overall Bay area market;

Walgreens: Has closed 17 locations in SF Bay area in the last 5 years, due to crime;

Target: Forced to close stores early in SF Bay area due to escalation in shoplifting and inability of police to help. [Source: Daily Wire]

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT POLICE, and when justice is based on race rather than behavior. This is what happens when the homeless are given rights over and above the rights of private property owners. The more that woke, leftist BLM-terrorized cities escalate their irrational policies, the worse it will get for commercial enterprise. Big chain stores are all woke. But they still cannot operate, at a profit, when Communist Marxist anarchists shut down civilization.

Irrational people and movements have always existed. I blame the people who keep voting for these policies, not just in woke cities but across the country. Most of them are not living with the results of their incredibly insane viewpoints — yet. Yet something tells me if they did, they would scream for more.

Why do millions of rational, decent and responsible people who WANT police to arrest for actual crime have to suffer from the delusions and self-destruction of perhaps the 30 percent of Americans who are irredeemably irrational and “woke”? I want a divorce. Bidenistas are not innocent. They are destroying us all and violating YOUR and MY rights. We can’t go on like this.



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