Liz Cheney Goes Full Stalin

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday named Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney to her newly formed select committee to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, making her the lone GOP appointee among Pelosi’s eight picks.

“We’re very honored and proud that she has agreed to serve on the committee,” Pelosi said Thursday in announcing Cheney’s appointment. [Fox News]

Clearly, Liz Cheny never had a principle in her body. If she were a principled Republican (a very rare thing to begin with), the idea of associating with someone like Nancy Pelosi, under any conditions, would have been incomprehensible. Cheney would have been disgusted with Trump and other Republicans for the reasons she stated, and live with the satisfaction of knowing she had held her ground. Instead, she does the unimaginable — from the very principled state she merely posed at taking a few weeks ago.

You don’t get to stand on principle and then turn on those very principles in a more dramatic way than you accused your opponents of doing, by supporting Trump. She is turning on the principles of the Constitution, by seeking to take part in a grotesque Stalinesque attempt to harass and imprison people who dissent from the one party line she has now joined.

Soulless, no character whatsoever, and not a lot of intellect either … Pelosi and Cheney. They are one and the same. The vast majority of politicians are the same way. We knew Liz Cheney was nothing. Now we can see she was less than nothing.



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