America’s Rulers are Abusers: STOP OBEYING THEM

You can’t let people walk all over you. You can’t NOT communicate. When you comply with abusers, liars and tyrants YOU ARE REWARDING THEIR BEHAVIOR. You are giving them the green light to do it again–even worse next time. Consider COVID. The vast majority complied with the shutting down of civilization over the flu–something that did nothing to improve a situation that never got as bad as advertised. So when it happens again (and it will) we will once again have to decide: comply, or resist? Whether in a family, a marriage or a government, the more you comply with abuse, the worse the tyrants will act.

It’s time for mass numbers of people to accept that the overwhelming majority of people in charge, not just in government, but in media and (sadly) the corporate world are TRULY BAD PEOPLE. They do not deserve your respect, and they do not deserve your obedience. Most of them are spineless, snowflake twits who would never EVER stand up to 70 million or 100 million defiant patriots who refuse to go along. In the times we are entering, the stakes will become even higher than lockdowns, mask orders and rigged elections. But why on earth were those atrocities not enough to jolt more people out of their sedation-like submission?



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