A Message for the Sick Society

In dysfunctional families or marriages, an irrational yet smart person can manipulate others. He or she does so by making an outrageous claim, and then daring you to disagree — because disagreeing would make you more outrageous, unless you challenge the claim in a direct way.

“If you don’t bend to all my feelings and desires, then you don’t love me. You’re a bad parent. Or son. Or daughter. Or husband/wife.”

You’re left with two choices: either try and appease the irrational family member, to avoid more strain and conflict, and avoid being called bad; or challenge it at the core.

Usually people go the path of least resistance — and the irrational person becomes worse, and worse and worse. Somebody ends up at a mental health professional’s office when the stress becomes too much, and things escalate beyond the ability to tolerate. I have seen this every day of my career as a psychotherapist — 33 years and counting.

It’s exactly what’s happening in our culture today. BLM terrorists, MSNBC and CNN hosts, Presidents, Vice Presidents, rock stars, celebrities, sports figures and others make outrageous claims. “If you’re black, you’re a victim — no matter what the circumstances of the situation. If you’re white, you’re a victimizer — by virtue of your race, not your actions, not your choices. If you cry foul, or disagree with me in ANY way, then this proves you’re even MORE of a victimizer — that in fact, you’re a racist.” So people are left with a choice: either go along to avoid being called a racist, perhaps sued or even (the way things are going) being jailed for your dissenting ideas and attitudes; or challenge the irrationality at the core.

So far, the great majority appear not to be challenging the irrationality at its core. Mindless mask-wearing for over a year (still happening with some) was a metaphor for so much else. People on these nonleftist, culturally dissenting social media threads do challenge, but, let’s face it, we’re a minority. We may not have this opportunity to vent much longer, as fascism and censorship escalate in our culture. Until or unless virtually EVERYONE who knows we’re right (we plainly are) stands up and starts telling not just their school boards, but everyone in their lives — their family members, their co-workers, fellow members of their communities — that they do not agree, that this is all nonsense and they’re NOT buying it, not now, not ever … until that happens on a wide scale, the irrational people we’re letting dominate us are going to get worse and worse.

No, I’m not saying everyone has to go out and be a self-sacrificial martyr and crusader. You can be prudent but still dissent. However, there comes a point where it’s NOT prudent to NOT dissent, because things are becoming intolerably crazy.

At a minimum, you have to stop PRETENDING. It’s the pretending that gives the irrational minority now dominating not just our government, but our entire culture, a false sense of security they have not earned. The reason they go mental whenever Donald Trump speaks (for six years now) is because he is the LONE, sole reminder that not everyone feels the way they do (because, believe me, hard core leftists only feel; none of these people think.)

Donald Trump has been and remains a great way to focus the issue, but he cannot be a one-man show. We have to find creative and clever ways to be our own one-man shows, in our own ways. We have to stare these twisted, nasty and ultimately WEAK people down with even one-third of the force and intimidation they exercise daily.

Remember, most of them are losers. Yes, most leftists are losers, especially the intense ones. Most of them, even if they have careers or in some respects productive lives, have something very rotten and very sad eating away at what were once their souls. Get to know one, and you’ll see what I mean. Why do you think they’re so gullible and so subject to blind belief in the parables and mythology of socialism and insane cultural leftism? Why do you think they’re so vulnerable to staying home on unemployment for years on end, and continuing to wear masks as a way to show they belong to the stupidest and most irrational social groups in society?

They are weak, and they cannot win. Even if they do conquer us all, they will have nothing. Because they are miserable. If they do win, then shame, shame, shame on the reasonable and productive among us who let it happen.

They are as hopeless and helpless as they try to make YOU feel for simply being a reasonable, decent and thinking person. They cannot win — unless you keep letting them.

That’s the message in a dysfunctional family or relationship; and it’s precisely the message for a sinking, collapsing and dysfunctional society.

Virtue, truth, rationality, common sense, common decency and actual justice CAN make a comeback. But only if more people start acting and speaking like they believe it.



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