Face Masks, Lockdowns: Here We Go Again (from a Republican)

Here we go again. It’s starting earlier than anyone could have predicted.

Enjoying life without forced masks and social distancing? Don’t get used to it — according to a Republican governor in a RED, rural state.
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that if the high COVID rates in his state continued to rise, shutdowns and mask mandates could be on the table. How are these numbers of “cases” calculated? The question will never be asked. Why are we so confident in mask mandates when they did nothing before? Blank out.

Hutchinson is a Republican. Arkansas is a RED state. It’s mostly rural. And they’re worried about a flu in the summer with a 99 percent survival rate? Most politicians today are sick, evil and deranged. Don’t be reassured by Party label, in most cases. We are all in the One Party now.

They don’t care that these insanity-producing mandates don’t save a single life. All they care about is their image in the eyes of elites in media, government, and the corporate world. They do not care about you. STOP LISTENING TO IDIOTS. Think about that before mask mandates return, and before much worse things are proposed and imposed. If millions would resist, not just mask mandates and forced closures but a lot of things, the government as we know it would become paralyzed. That would be a GOOD thing … a very good thing!



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