How to Rise Above the Dishonesty & Sociopathy of our Age

The single worst thing about today is the dishonesty. You can’t think rationally, because you have no way of knowing what’s true. The media is overwhelmingly biased and appallingly dishonest. Consequently, as we have seen, we only get facts (or falsehoods) that suit their preconceived narratives and ideologies. Social media platforms only permit us to see or read what fits their narratives. Top officials in the government are brazen liars, even sociopaths. As with all liars, you never know when they’re being truthful, or when they’re not.

If you cannot know what’s true, you’re unable to proceed rationally, productively and with serenity. In my mental health practice, I am encountering more people with panic disorder than ever before, in 33 years of being a therapist. People don’t know how to plan their lives, their futures or anything, because they can’t trust anyone, other than their loved ones (if they’re fortunate). Individuals are said to have “nervous breakdowns” when they reach the last straw, or the tipping point. I sense that as very close at hand for this once eminently sane, innovative, creative and even fearless society. I am so sad to see this happen to America.

It need not stay this way. We have free will, and we can change at any time. Shed the corrupt and toxic media, and it will be an amazing opportunity to begin anew. Stop listening to the liars and the corrupt. Resist, question, challenge, think and disobey: that’s what they fear the most. If millions stood up for themselves, and stopped worrying about offending others, the transformation could be truly inspiring.



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