Biden Regime: Null & Void

The Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a proposed rule Monday that will designate certain AR-pistols as “short barreled rifles” and place them under the purview of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Another brazen violation of the Bill of Rights/2nd Amendment by the Joe Biden regime? Of course. But it’s also something else: An opportunity to nullify.

“Nullify” means: State governments (in red states) can refuse to enforce this unconstitutional edict. So can county and city governments (even within blue states). So can local sheriff’s offices. Think about it. Morally and Constitutionally, the Bill of Rights overrides the Biden regime. The Constitution trumps swamp creatures imposing their will in a lawless, arbitrary way. The rights of man supercede everything.
It’s time for us to stop thinking, feeling and acting like victims. Yes, we are victims of certain things; and yes, totalitarians are always victimizers, by definition. But we don’t have to sit and take it. We can demand that our state, county and other local governments start nullification. A lot of them, throughout the sea of red on the electoral map, are more than eager to comply. Not just with guns — but with all kinds of violations.

If we don’t, what’s the alternative? Send the tyrants a message that it’s OK to arbitrarily invoke an old law from 1934 to change and expand that law (without legislative action) in 2021? Once we’ve sent that message, we have sent them a green light to do the same with other guns — and with ALL guns. At that point, nobody will own guns except for violent criminals and the federal government. At that point, the two will be one and the same.

People keep asking, “What can we do?” Well, this is something we can do. Start treating each and every violation of the Biden regime as an opportunity to nullify.



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