Slave Reparations: The Next Big Thing

“Slave reparations” will be the next big thing.  We know the drill: Virtue-signaling celebrities and woke mobs will tweet their allegiance. Corporations will all come on board. Sports games and movies will be interrupted with propaganda promoting it. Friends and relatives will shame their noncompliant counterparts. Congress will ram it through. It Congress fails, then the media will persecute the dissenting voters; Emperor Biden will issue an executive order, commanding slave reparations as immediate law. If Biden doesn’t, then Kamala will, in due course.

Who can argue with slave reparations? Slavery is a monstrous thing. Unfortunately, the victims — the slaves themselves — are LONG SINCE DEAD. You can’t provide “reparations” to people no longer living. In fact, their children and grandchildren are long since dead. Nobody ever mentions that.

The slavery of America’s 1700s and 1800s is not the only slavery. Marxism is slavery. Socialism is slavery. These are systems in which the government forces you to work 50, 70 or even 90 percent of the time to pay other people’s bills. I would call that slavery; wouldn’t you? So why was slavery so bad in the 1700s and 1800s, while being perfectly acceptable today, and going forward into our socialist near-future?

The “slave reparations” movement is also racist. Imagine if someone proposed: “Let’s have a law requiring people of one race to transfer money and property to people of another race — as a punishment for their race, and for that reason alone.” You’d be condemned as a racist. But when the ruling elites of the Communist Democratic Party in America champion THAT VERY THING, then they’re treated as progressive and cool.

It’s all madness. And not a bit of it is sustainable.



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